We believe that our greatest asset is our people and everyone can be a Star. We are fully committed to providing the best system to ensure a sustainable path to achievement.


Are you looking for Flexibility and work-life balance? 

Are you looking to makes a difference in others life? 

Are you always on a lookout for new challenges? 

Are you someone that believe that you should be rewards base on the work you produce? 

If you answer YES to any of the above, talk to us now and you might just be the next SUPERSTAR waiting to shine!

We are always on the lookout for driven individuals that is looking to make a difference. Talk to us and see how we can help you to achieve your dreams and goals. 



At SAM, we believe in creating a sustainable career where you build a empire you call your own. With our trademark training program, we will equip you with the necessary skills and system for your to build your business as an Agency Leader where you can lead a new batch of Stars under your wings.


No company is successful without a robust support team. We believe in coexisting to make each other better. Join us in our support team where we value and reward everyone for the hard work we do no matter front or back.


  • Foundation training program

  • Director training program

  • 1 to 1 joint field work 

  • COT/TOT Producers sharing

  • Leads system

  • Exclusive business partnership

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